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We are proud to announce that David Crockett State Park was named

'State Park of the Year'

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"Step back in time and enjoy the slow lane."


Lawrence County has a rich history everyone can enjoy. David Crockett was a prominent citizen who began his political career here. A bronze statue of the colorful hero stands prominently on our public square. Observe frontier life re-enactments during our annual Davy Crockett Days. Native Americans were our first residents. In 1806 the land that now encompasses Lawrence County was part of a reservation set aside by Congress. Later, Bell's route for the Trail of Tears and the forced removal of the indigenous population brought the Cherokee though the center of our town and into what is now David Crockett State Park. Our County was explored by Hernando de Soto (c.1496/1497-1542), a Spanish explorer who traveled through Lawrence County along the Buffalo River exploring the American heartland. If you are a Civil War buff you can join Civil War re-enactments at the annual Mt Zion Festival or visit Appleton where you will find the site of the last battle of the Civil War in Tennessee: "The Battle of Sugar Creek". Appleton is also the home of the historic Big Red Store. While you are in town, visit the Old Jail Museum on Waterloo St., two blocks from the Square. Lawrence County is also a treasure trove for antique hunters. You will find many fine antique shops scattered throughout the County.


Looking for great music on the Music Trail between Nashville and Muscle Shoals? Bluegrass, southern gospel, country and rock all thrive in Lawrence County. We are the hometown of Grammy winning John Paul White, of the duo "Civil Wars". Bluegrass is played year-round and comes alive In the summer with bluegrass festivals. We are also the birthplace of southern gospel music. The well known song writer, publisher, singer, and teacher James D. Vaughn began the gospel music school in Lawrenceburg, as well as the radio station. Visit our James D. Vaughan Museum located on the public square. The famous Vaughan Quartet Festival is held annually in summer at the Crockett Theater.

The Amish

Lawrence County is very proud to be the home to over 300 old order Amish families in Ethridge. Come and enjoy a wagon ride out in 'Amish Country'. You will have ample opportunities to purchase handmade textiles and furniture. For a real tasty treat the Amish women have preserves of every kind. In the summer they sell a cornucopia of vegetables fresh picked from the garden.


Lawrence County is blessed with a wealth of natural beauty. If you like the outdoors, travel no further. Hunting and fishing is in abundance. Nature enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with the choice of canoeing, bird watching, bike riding, golf, 4 wheelin', and camping.  Float by moonlight at Double G Canoe Rental or rent a kayak at Shoal Creek Canoe Run. Laurel Hill Wildlife Management area's lake and 14,000 acres are full of deer, turkey, rabbit and quail. David Crockett State Park, State Park of the Year, has a paved bike trail and six hiking trails with scenic vistas. Our creeks and streams are so beautiful they'll make your heart ache. We have a large selection of accommodations to fit any budget. For that personal touch you can stay at any one of our fine B&Bs or our new ecologically 'Green' cabins at David Crockett State Park.

The Farm

The Farm is an intentional community (commune) near the town of Summertown, Tennessee, ten miles from Lawrenceburg. The commune is based on principles of nonviolence and respect for the Earth. It was founded in 1971 by Stephen Gaskin and 320 San Francisco hippies. The Farm is well known amongst members of similar subcultures as well as by many vegetarians. The Farm now has approximately 175 residents. The Farm has pioneered a wide range of technologies appropriate to low-cost, high satisfaction community living. The community offers examples of solar building design, permaculture, mushroom cultivation, vegetarian cuisine and much more.

Gail Hughes, Director of Tourism for Lawrence County

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